Work Programme 1 – Winter 2016 updates

It’s been a very busy few months! Congratulations to Open Doors, the Scottish Dementia Working Group and EDUCATE in co-producing our first paper, which is available online first for the Dementia journal. The CO-researcher INvolvement and Engagement in Dementia (COINED) Model has been developed over four years and shows how group members who are living with dementia, want to be involved in research as co-researchers rather than as participants. We are currently applying it to the wider Neighbourhoods and Dementia Study as well as member-led projects. Caroline presented the Model at the ‘Life with Dementia’ conference at Linkoping University, Sweden.

Each of the Member Involvement groups have been designing their own member-led projects and Reena Lasrado (WP6) will also be joining WP1 for some additional research support. Welcome to the WP1 team, Reena!  Whilst we are awaiting ethical approval for the project with Open Doors, we are having lots of fun trying out the equipment and getting used to seeing and hearing ourselves ‘on screen’!

In addition to their own project, the Scottish Dementia Working Group (and Caroline) are also guest editors of the Dementia journal Special Edition 2019. There is lots of planning ahead!

Joy and Emma from Salford Inspire are steaming forward with planning their campaign as well as running drop in / information giving sessions at various local supermarkets and recruiting volunteers.

EDUCATE are as busy as ever auditing and we shall be planning our project early in the New Year.