Work Programme 5 DEMTRAIN – Alzheimer’s Europe Conference October 2018

The DEMTRAIN team has been actively presenting the emerging findings at international and national conferences. In October the whole team was at the Alzheimer’s Europe conference in Barcelona, showcasing the work of Neighbourhoods & Dementia and DHR. Dr Hazel Morbey gave an oral presentation on the co-researcher role of people living with dementia in the development of case study research design.

In November, Dr Faraz Ahmed and Dr Hazel Morbey attended the UK Dementia Congress in Brighton to give poster presentations.    Faraz presented a poster on developing a programme theory for dementia training in hospitals.  Hazel and Faraz were delighted to meet up with Dawne Garrett, Royal College of Nursing, Professional Lead Older People and Dementia Care at the Congress. Dawne has acted as Chair of the DEMTRAIN study advisory group since 2015.

The presentations and the posters generated much interest and debate on the involvement of people living with dementia as co-researchers, and on understanding the challenges and opportunities in developing and evaluating dementia training in hospitals. The DEMTRAIN team are continuing to write up findings and are in progress with a paper on the initial programme theory for developing and evaluating dementia training in hospitals. This paper will serve as a potential tool for planning, developing and evaluating educational programmes in hospital settings among practitioners, trainers, and dementia training initiative developers and evaluators.

Dr Faraz Ahmed at UK Dementia Congress, November 2018
Dr Dawne Garrett, Dementia Lead Royal College of Nursing with Dr Faraz Ahmed and Dr Hazel Morbey