Work Programme 4: An Update on Activity in Manchester (February 2017)

We are now in the second phase of our data collection here in Greater Manchester. We continue to be delighted by the number of people who volunteer their time to tell us their stories. We have now recruited 55 participants most of whom took part in the first phase of data collection and so far we have had opportunity to visit two thirds of them one year on. We will be visiting the remainder over the next few months.

We continue to be fascinated by the ways in which neighbourhoods can support people living with dementia and their families in their everyday lives. Our data consists of many fascinating interviews, walks, photographs, diaries and films. We have been privileged to have completed 34 walks, 44 Social Network Maps and 28 home tours with our participants. This has given us a unique insight into how people live day to day with dementia in their communities.

We are continuing to undertake data collection and analysis, and are developing ideas for the next stage of the project in which we begin to develop practical applications.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the project so far from participants and their families to advisors and members of our Action Learning Set.

Andrew and Sarah
(University of Salford and University of Manchester)