Work for Work Programme 5

Work Programme 5 (Developing the evidence base for evaluating dementia training in NHS hospitals). The Statistics team is leading on the quantitative aspects of WP5:

  • We have obtained the detailed 2012 National Audit of Dementia (NAD) data on the provisions made for patients with dementia at all Acute hospitals in England and Wales. From this we have constructed “dementia friendliness” (DF) scores for each Acute hospital, including a total score plus scores on 9 subdomains of dementia care.
  • We have been developing up a submission for Hospital Episode Statistics data, from which we will construct measures of hospital outcomes for people with dementia, including (i) record of dementia for current admission; (ii) length of stay; (iii) emergency re-admissions; (iv) deaths in hospital.
  • We have been planning the N&D Study’s own national hospital survey on the extent and types of staff dementia training provided.
  • Based on the DF scores we constructed from the NADS 2012 survey data, we have developed a sampling frame for selecting 24 hospitals for an in-depth survey of staff on the dementia training received and their knowledge/confidence in dementia, contrasting hospitals high versus low on training.