Every Three Seconds

This short (just over 4 minutes) film was made as part of the joint Alzheimer’s Disease International-ITN campaign called ‘Every Three Seconds’ which, as the name suggests, aims to raise awareness about the numbers of people that are diagnosed with dementia around the world and how frequently this occurs. Our film showcases the work of people living with dementia as co-researchers and their experiences of working alongside – and leading – activities on work programmes 1 and 4 of the Neighbourhoods study. The ‘Every Three Seconds’ campaign was premiered at the 33rd International Conference of ADI in Chicago at the end of July 2018 and our short film was shown at this event. We hope that you enjoy watching it.

Dementia & Stigma : Our Journey

This short film on stigma was made by members of the Open Doors Research Group working alongside Katie Davis as part of her PhD studies on the Neighbourhoods study, and as attached to work programme 1 led by Dr Caroline Swarbrick. Katie is in the process of developing a separate website to showcase this work.