Delphi and Consensus event completed March 2018

The Work Programme 3 research team are keen to find out which outcomes are important to people living with dementia. The team completed its Delphi survey in February 2018. This was a two round process involving people living with dementia, carers, health & social care professionals, policy makers and researchers (n=288 R1, with an 84% response rate for R2). Following the Delphi survey, a successful Consensus Meeting was held at Lancaster University to which participants in the Delphi survey were invited to attend. The team were delighted to have such a high proportion of people living with dementia and their carers attend the day and the meeting was chaired by experienced and skilled facilitator Katherine Cowan. The results of the Consensus Meeting were fed back to the participants in the meeting and will be written up and published over the coming months. The team will also conduct reviews and use existing reviews to assign any existing robust outcome measures to corresponding outcomes found to be core through the Delphi & Consensus Meeting.

Faraz Ahmed with Consensus Meeting facilitator Katherine Cowan
Dr Andrew Harding and Dr Faraz Ahmed at the Consensus Meeting
Consensus event voting boxes – Forrest Hills, Lancaster 21 March 2018