Work Programme 8: Impacts and Outputs, March 2018

The well-being service has been well received. Over 25% of staff have made self-referrals for 1:1 sessions to date. A range of models are being used, including one-off sessions, regular but infrequent sessions, and frequent regular sessions.

The research element of Work Programme 8 is now underway. Following two unsuccessful appeals arguing for the use of a research –practitioner model for the study, a favourable ethical opinion by the University of Manchester has now been given for an adapted design. The new design is predominantly a qualitative study involving the collection of interview data. In order to support the research part of Work Programme 8, we have welcomed a voluntary research assistant, Jen Wells. Jen will lead the recruitment for the study designed to explore the Staff Well-being Service, and she will also undertake data collection. There will be two parts to the study. Staff who have made direct use of the well-being service will be eligible for part one of the study. Recruitment and data collection for part one has begun. Recruitment for part two of the study will begin later in the year, and this will be open to all staff involved with the Neighbourhoods and Dementia Study.