Work Programme 3: Impacts and Outputs, Dec 2015

Our main areas of activity during our first year:

  • We have registered our work with the COMET initiative
  • We have gained ethics approval from:
    • Lancaster University
    • Wales Research Ethics Committee 5, Bangor
  • We have established lead Clinical Research Network support by Greater Manchester CRN
  • We have established member involvement on Advisory Group and involvement in design of study materials
  • Data collection phase 1 interviews and focus groups has commenced to include the following stakeholder groups:
    • People with Dementia
    • Care Partners
    • Health and Social Care Professionals
    • Policy makers and commissioners of services
  • A literature review is underway to generate a list of outcomes reported in trials of non-pharmacological interventions for people with dementia.  This includes clinical trials identified through ALOIS which is a comprehensive specialised register of controlled dementia trials, created and maintained by the Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group.
  • We have established links with local Dementia and memory cafes
  • A team member attended the 2015 COMET annual conference in Canada
  • We have also presented this work to clinicians, health and social practitioners and members of the public and voluntary sector at the Centre for Ageing Research, Lancaster University, Dementia Futures Event in September 2015.