Work Programme 6: Couple-orientated self-management course

To date, the first draft of the couple-orientated self-management course is delivered in Swedish only, and in paper format.

The developing of the course is on-going (phase 1). Since June, two couples living with dementia are actively involved in the process together with Therese Bielsten (doctoral student).

Three additional couples living with dementia will take part in the developing phase, beginning in August, 2015.

Work Programme 1: Member involvement

Update – March 2016

Open Doors – We have recently launched our project blog, which can be found at:

Scottish Dementia Working Group – We have had our abstract accepted to present at the British Society of Gerontology, 6-8 July 2016:

EDUCATE – We have been invited to write a book chapter on the involvement of people living with dementia in research.

Salford INSPIRE – The group Facilitator (someone living with dementia) and a Support Worker  have recently been appointed to set up and run the group.